Daddy’s Christmas gift.

Yay Dolphins! We got back from San Antonio this evening. Anna had some wonderful adventures and had a great time with her Aunt Kira and Uncle Gregg, Grandma and Grandpa, and crazy Laszlo-Doggy. I think she climbed the staircase at least 500 times. [ brand name cialis overnight | viagra on line | mexico viagra […]

Snoqualmie Falls

Self-proclaimed “Cool Aunt Kira” and Uncle Gregg came out for a quick visit before their big move from Raleigh to San Antonio. While they were here, we decided to take them to see Snoqualmie Falls. This was the first time we had been there since Anna was born, so it was Anna’s first ever visit […]

And we’re back.

Whew! What a crazy trip that was – I’m just now catching my breath. Here’s a brief summary of our trip so you understand what I mean when I say we are all painfully exhausted (in a good way). We left Seattle around 10pm last Wednesday and arrived in Baltimore Thursday morning at 8 (eastern […]

Off we go!

Anna’s very first airplane ride will be tonight around 10 pm. Hopefully she will sleep through the whole thing and not realize what’s happening! Wish us luck! [ performance anxiety viagra | internet viagra pharmacy | stores that sell viagra | where can i purchase cialis | generic viagra in canada | soft viagra | […]