18/19 Month Stats

Anna had her 18 month check up this morning. A bit late as she’ll be turning 19 months (eep!) in just three more days. The good news is that she’s back on the chart – just barely – for weight. Hooray! The bad news is that she has teeth just like Mama that even the […]

9 Months

Happy 9 months, Anna-Banana! I won’t have her growth stats until her check-up next Tuesday, so I’ll post them then. I’m wondering if she will measure smaller this time around… she can still wear quite a few of her 3-6 month clothes. And it seems everywhere we go, there are younger, much larger babies who […]

Mad Photoshop Skills

Anna’s tooth seems to come further above ground every day. It’s still a tiny little thing, but it’s causing much grief, lots of whining, and terrible naps around here. And I think it’s probably bothering her as well. I managed to snap a photo of the little offender this morning. And just in case you […]


Anna’s first tooth finally popped through yesterday! And its neighbor is just about to crop up too. Poor girl. Two new teeth at once. This is leading to quite a few unhappy awakenings. (For her and us.) I tried to take some photos, but they were all just a blurry pink mess since she wouldn’t […]