6 Month Stats

Anna’s 6 month check up was this past Monday! Here are the latest stats on her growth: 24.75″ long (20th percentile) 14 lbs. 13.5 oz. (25th percentile) 15 7/8″ head circumference (8th percentile) We don’t go back to the doc until she’s 9 months old now and then after that, 12 months. I’ll be glad […]

4 month stats

Anna’s four month check-up was today! Time is just flying by. Last night, I was watching some videos I took when she was about a week old and it’s hard to remember that time already (perhaps it’s because of all the sleep deprivation back then…) I tend to think of her in the here and […]

Getting Bigger!

Anna and I had an impromptu doctor’s appointment this morning due to a whole mess of things that have been going on and me wanting to make sure nothing was really wrong. Turns out, she’s perfectly healthy and most likely has some heartburn goin on. I understand her fussiness now… that was definitely no picnic […]

2 Month Stats

Hard to believe Anna will be two months old tomorrow! I feel like we just came home from the hospital. I’ll probably be saying that until she’s 18. We had her 2 month check-up today and she is doing very well – the doctor was pleased with her progress. She weighs a whopping 9 lbs. […]