Daddy’s Christmas gift.

Yay Dolphins! We got back from San Antonio this evening. Anna had some wonderful adventures and had a great time with her Aunt Kira and Uncle Gregg, Grandma and Grandpa, and crazy Laszlo-Doggy. I think she climbed the staircase at least 500 times. [ generic viagra uk supplies | viagra dosage | indian viagra | […]

Opening Day

So I was trying to watch some opening day baseball today, but was somewhat rudely interrupted. As everyone knows (well, almost everyone knows: there’s no crying in baseball! Apparently Anna didn’t get the memo. [ the truth about cialis | 50 mg viagra | canadian viagra | generic viagra pay pal | canadian viagra 50mg […]

Starting Early

One of the most important jobs of a Dad is to make sure his children like the proper sports (football) and root for the proper teams (The Miami Dolphins). Being the responsible parent that I am, I decided to get started early in terms of Anna’s football education. I think this is a good start. […]