Oops… belated stats

Anna and Jonah both have check ups tomorrow afternoon, so I’ve been thinking about and wondering just how big Mr. Jonah has gotten in the past 2 months. And I realized I neglected to post his 2 weeks stats after that check up. (Actually he was only 10 days old… we took him in early […]


In an attempt to avoid letting this blog get too far off track with random posts (like the one about shoes), I’ve created a new blog, Stchur on Whatever, about everything, and nothing, and whatever I happen to feel like writing about. Check it out! [ buy viagra in canada | double dose of cialis […]


We were supposed to start Anna’s swim lessons this morning with some of her baby friends, but we got a call just as we were about to leave that today’s class was canceled. Apparently the water temperature was only 82 and they like it to be 86 for the little ones. So, we get a […]

My Little Good Luck Charm

Anna was Daddy’s good luck charm today as the Dolphins destroyed the Patriots: 38 to 13! Looks like Anna might have to wear this outfit every Sunday! [ female male viagra | female viagra alternative | viagra prescription label | viagra london | generic viagra on line cheap | mapuche viagra | buying viagra in […]

Random babblings

Summer is finally happening here in the mountains… just in time for the rainy season to start. We’ve been out and about trying to take advantage of it while it lasts. We went for a long hike yesterday – I just posted some photos from the top of the mountain. And today, Anna had her […]

Who posts there?

Because I suspect that some of our readers have no idea who the actual author is for each individual post on our little blog here, I’ve made a tiny, little adjustment. Each post now clearly calls out (by first name) who the author of a given post is. For example: In the screenshot above, the […]

It’s the “S”

I bought a new pair of shoes for Anna, which are totally awesome (see photo). They’re SKECHERS. Pretty nice, huh? Unfortunately, I drastically overestimated the size of Anna’s feet, and it turns out that these shoes are much too big for her. However, in a totally unexpected turn of events, it just so happens that […]

I have the most amazing…

Well, after that “downer” post from Emily, I figured I cheer everyone up with the amazing discovery I had last night. Before I get to that though, there’s this: We’d like Anna to have blue eyes. Why? Because they are blue right now and they’re really beautiful. But I hear the babies often have beautiful, […]

Disobedient Baby

[Update: 440pm] Emily pointed something out to me that I hadn’t realized. She reasoned that Anna wasn’t necessarily trying to disobey, but that she simply couldn’t help it. She is cute and there is nothing she can do about it. I can’t hold that against her I guess, so maybe she isn’t so disobedient after […]

Potty Training

I’m getting kind of tired of changing diapers, so I was thinking that we’d start Anna on potty training tomorrow. Four weeks isn’t too early is it? By the way, I think everyone should start pronouncing the word diapers as “die ah pers” since that is the way it is spelled. [ viagra recipes | […]