Big Girl!

Guess who went pee-pee and poopy on the potty yesterday? Ok, no don’t guess… Anna did! It was totally out of the blue so I have no expectations that she will be potty trained anytime soon, nor are we going to actually try to potty train her right now since she’s so young. If she […]

What to Expect

Emily has managed to amass a tremendous collection of baby books in the past year or so, and I’ve noticed something in common about many of them. It seems that there is a trend in the baby book industry these days to begin the title of all books with “What to expect…” For example, there’s […]

Vertical Poo

Why do children always wait until the moment they have on a clean diaper and outfit to poop up and out the back of their diapers? [ buy viagra safely | viagra usa | cheap link suggest viagra | get viagra | cialis alternatives | viagra doses | viagra sale online | archive blog buy […]

How many?

We’re going through diapers at an alarming rate, and unfortunately, Anna is so tiny right now that the only brand that fits are the Newborn Pampers Swaddlers. Even more unfortunate, they are just about the most expensive brand on the planet. I think we may need to take out a small loan to afford them. […]

Jet Stream Poop

Who knew there were so many different kinds? Maybe I’m not “Mr. Savvy Diaper Changer” after all. This one hit the bathroom door! [ female viagra response | which is better viagra cialis | super viagra | how to buy cialis in canada | soft viagra | generic viagra lowest prices | viagra sales in […]

Mr. Savvy Diaper Changer

It’s amazing what just a few days can teach you. I’m getting really good at changing diapers. I’ve learned to keep the old diaper in place for a bit and only swap in the new one at the last possible minute. That way, if she decides the perfect time to go to the bathroom again […]

Poop Explosion

And I do mean explosion, in the truest sense of the word. I was changing Anna’s diaper, had just gotten her cleaned up and was about to put on a fresh diaper when she started peeing. Ok, not that big of a deal — a little inconvenient but manageable. I grabbed another baby wipe and […]