Tiny Dancer

Anna’s first dance class was this morning. She was so excited before class and ran around collecting her clothes that she wanted to change into once class was over. She requested two ponytails, two barrettes and a headband so her hair would be out of the way while she danced. We got there and found […]

Happy Almost Birthday, Anna!

Well, I’m feeling a little misty on this last day of Anna’s baby-hood. Tomorrow she will officially be a toddler and her first year will be packed neatly away in the baby book. This parenting thing … a little bitter sweet most of the time. Luckily, she keeps us busy enough that the dwelling can’t […]


We were supposed to start Anna’s swim lessons this morning with some of her baby friends, but we got a call just as we were about to leave that today’s class was canceled. Apparently the water temperature was only 82 and they like it to be 86 for the little ones. So, we get a […]

Now with more video!

Ok, so I’m a little gung-ho with the video camera lately. But how can I not be when my little monkey girl is doing this all over the place: Video: Anna gearing up And this: Video: Anna petting the doggy (A funny side note: MS wouldn’t let me upload that last video at first… I […]

Ahhhh, sleep

We survived the big sleep transition week! Aside from the first few days which were very tough, it really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Anna can now sleep unswaddled (woohoo!!) and once she’s asleep, she seems to sleep much better that way. After a few days of trying out different positions, she apparently […]

Helloooo nursing hormones!

I couldn’t fall asleep last night. We’re working on transitioning Anna to her crib and I lay there thinking just how far away a few yards felt. It may as well have been an ocean between us. I couldn’t reach over and feel the rise and fall of her chest and know she was okay, […]

What to Expect

Emily has managed to amass a tremendous collection of baby books in the past year or so, and I’ve noticed something in common about many of them. It seems that there is a trend in the baby book industry these days to begin the title of all books with “What to expect…” For example, there’s […]

Disobedient Baby

[Update: 440pm] Emily pointed something out to me that I hadn’t realized. She reasoned that Anna wasn’t necessarily trying to disobey, but that she simply couldn’t help it. She is cute and there is nothing she can do about it. I can’t hold that against her I guess, so maybe she isn’t so disobedient after […]

Potty Training

I’m getting kind of tired of changing diapers, so I was thinking that we’d start Anna on potty training tomorrow. Four weeks isn’t too early is it? By the way, I think everyone should start pronouncing the word diapers as “die ah pers” since that is the way it is spelled. [ cialis delivered overnight […]

Future Programmer

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