Happy Birthday Anna!

Our little monkey turned two yesterday! We had a fun-filled day starting with a party at the community center’s indoor playground with some of her friends from our Mama’s Group. After that, Daddy took her out just the two of them to get a Jamba Juice (a special treat around here) and she got to […]

Half-Birthday Girl

Happy 6 month Birthday my little Anna-Banana!! 8 days old: Earlier this afternoon: [ cialis drug viagra vs | viagra blister 4 | effects of viagra | viagra no prescription | discount viagra online | viagra affect a female | viagra collection service | pizer india viagra side effects | women’s viagra | viagra deaths […]

Snoqualmie Falls

Self-proclaimed “Cool Aunt Kira” and Uncle Gregg came out for a quick visit before their big move from Raleigh to San Antonio. While they were here, we decided to take them to see Snoqualmie Falls. This was the first time we had been there since Anna was born, so it was Anna’s first ever visit […]