I was just about to upload a bunch of photos from the past month and a half (I’m so far behind…) and I’m not sure where they’re going at this point. I will have Steve investigate and hopefully fix it soon! I will put some on Facebook for the time being. I suppose while I’m […]


Apologies for the lack of posts and photos around here lately. I really have no excuse for the lack of posts except that my little tazmanian devil keeps me quite busy these days. When I sit down to catch my breath, I can’t begin to sum up the things she’s accomplishing or what we spend […]

Plethora of Pictures

I just uploaded a ton of photos to Spaces and am now too tired to write a proper blog post about our whirlwind trip. Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon, but until then enjoy the pictures! [ price of cialis in canada | spain female viagra | cheap viagra | canadian viagra | cialis […]

Photo Album Enhancements

Well, it took me nearly 8 months, but I finally got the photo album properly working in IE. It had been working properly in Firefox and other browsers from the beginning, but IE is not such a good browser, and it can be a real pain to get things working in that browser. Anyway, as […]

Who posts there?

Because I suspect that some of our readers have no idea who the actual author is for each individual post on our little blog here, I’ve made a tiny, little adjustment. Each post now clearly calls out (by first name) who the author of a given post is. For example: In the screenshot above, the […]

Photos photos photos!

I’ve added links in the sidebar that allow you to view all of our Spaces Photo Albums from right within this blog — no more need to browse separately to Spaces. Just click one of the photo album titles in the side bar to load the album. The UI is somewhat lacking at this point […]