Anna and I went to the zoo a few days ago. It’s about a three minute drive from our house, which is awesome. Surprisingly, we’ve only been there twice so far but I’m guessing that’s mostly due to the crappy weather we’ve had up until recently. She’s totally animal-crazy so of course she loved it. […]

Back in the groove.

Well. We’re back. Things have not necessarily been super busy around here, just a little… I don’t know what. Lent is always busy and sweeps us away into a time warp of sorts. All of us caught the UberVirus several times each. I don’t think I’ve ever had cold symptoms that have hung on for […]

Dancing Queen

Okay, I figured while I was on a blogging roll, I would go ahead and post a video. This wasn’t the original video I was going to post, but then we took this one and it was just too ridiculously cute to not override the other one (which was of her eating a raw red […]

Oh, hi!

Well yes, it’s been awhile. We’ve been very busy around here lately. I can’t even tell you what we’ve been doing though. A few playdates here, a few new bruises there. Seriously, we haven’t been doing a whole lot more than normal, but this toddler thing: it’s a whole new level of crazy. Just being […]

Happy Almost Birthday, Anna!

Well, I’m feeling a little misty on this last day of Anna’s baby-hood. Tomorrow she will officially be a toddler and her first year will be packed neatly away in the baby book. This parenting thing … a little bitter sweet most of the time. Luckily, she keeps us busy enough that the dwelling can’t […]

Weeble wobble

Anna has been working on walking more and more everyday, although she still prefers crawling when she’s on a serious mission and needs to get somewhere fast. Here’s a little snippet of her wobbling along! Video: Anna Walking [ generic viagra pay pal | viagra competition | viagra discussion | viagra use | 5 mg […]

Little Houdini

So, I went in to get Anna this morning and she was standing in her crib, hollering as usual. Only she was wearing just a diaper. Totally naked, except for that. Her jammies were laying next to her in the crib. I picked them up, thinking she figured out how to unzip them, but they […]


Anna’s favorite “word” seems to be godigo lately. And it’s absolutely universal. It means everything all day long. Take a look: Video: Godigo [ natural viagra | viagra oral gel | online url viagra | canadian generic cialis | free viagra sample | online viagra gel to buy | cialis en mexico | professional cialis […]

Hungry Monkey

Anna shares a banana with Mommy: Video: Banana Video [ viagra in philippines | how much cialis | buy viagra online | cheapest viagra in uk | viagra cartoon | viagra women | similar cialis | buy real viagra online | buy viagra on line | tadalafil cialis no prescription | cialis woman | cialis […]

8 Months!

Anna is 8 months old today! As far as I can tell on our horribly inaccurate scale, she’s about 17 lbs. We’ll get her official stats at the 9 month check-up. We’ve been making a point to be busy lately and get out of the house so we don’t get cabin fever – the weather […]