Since I mostly share photos & funny things the kids say and do on Facebook these days, I’ve been forgetting to update this dusty old blog. In case anyone still checks, I have Jonah’s 9 months stats (way late), 1 year stats and Anna’s 4 year stats to share.

Jonah at 9 months:
Height: 28.5″ / 55%
Weight: 17 lbs. 5.25 oz / 15%
Head Circumference: 18″ / 65%

Jonah at 1 year:
Height: 30″ / 55%
Weight: 19 lbs. 13.25 oz / 10%
Head Circumference: 18.5″ / 70%

Anna at 4 years:
Height: 37.25″ / 10%
Weight: 29.6 lbs / 10%
Blood pressure: 86/44

Anna got to have her blood pressure taken with the “big kid squeezy thing” which she thought was SUPER cool! Jonah is *thisclose* to walking. He took three steps last Wednesday, but so far that was his only unassisted attempt. He is in love with his little push-cart. He pushes it all over the place and if it’s around, that is his preferred method of travel. Otherwise, he crawls super fast or does a half-sit scoot which is pretty hilarious. I’ll have to post a video of it sometime. Not much else to say… we have very healthy, (usually) happy kids, thank God!