Jonah’s 4 month check-up was this morning. Man, I thought time went by fast before he came along… I had no idea it could go by so much faster! He’s already rolling over and working on some teeth… pretty soon he’ll be chasing after Anna and I won’t be able to keep up with either one of them.

His latest stats:
height: 25.75″ / 75%
weight: 14 lbs. 8.5 oz. / 50%
head circumference: 16.75″ / 50%

So he’s heading into more reasonable territory for a child of a Lightner and a Stchur. Except for height… I suspect that will work it’s way down at some point as well, but we’ll see! Maybe he’ll end up being 6 feet like my Grandad.

Anna played the role of big sister perfectly at the check-up. She held his hand and told him to be brave for his shots. It didn’t really work, but it was very sweet to watch.