Anna’s first dance class was this morning. She was so excited before class and ran around collecting her clothes that she wanted to change into once class was over. She requested two ponytails, two barrettes and a headband so her hair would be out of the way while she danced.

We got there and found out that the kids are supposed to go into class without Mama. Oh boy. She went in and I stayed for a minute. Then I left and sat outside the big glass window so I could watch and she could see me and Jonah. As soon as the teacher – Miss Chelsea – looked at Anna, her hands went up over her face, she burst into tears and I could see her calling for me. So I went in and sat with her for a bit while she watched the other girls dance. Well, almost all of them – a few others had similar issues.

About halfway through class and after many, many pep talks and lots of excuses (I’m tired! I’m hungry! I’m shy! I want to go home and watch a show, eat a snack and take a nap!) she finally decided to try the jumping routine as long as I held her hand. I helped her through a few things and then noticed Jonah fussing out in the Mama area. So I left to go feed him. She came to the door once and asked me to come in and I explained that I couldn’t come in while I was feeding Jonah. Surprisingly, she was fine with that and went back to class and followed Miss Chelsea’s instructions for the rest of the class. While we were walking out to the car, she declared, “That was so much fun!” I asked her if she wanted to go back next week and she enthusiastically said yes. Phew!

This is really frustrating for me because this round of separation anxiety is brand new. She used to have no problem with me leaving her at the grocery store playland while I shopped. Now the thought of doing that terrifies her. And she was all excited when I signed her up for Adventure Kids (a drop-in daycare type place). I was excited too: some quiet time… what should I do with myself?!? Whenever I mention taking her there, she says she doesn’t want to go unless I go with her. I hope this is just a temporary result of all the big changes in her life – moving to a new house, becoming a big sister, transitioning out of naps, and … oh yeah, turning three (which is apparently a challenging age so far!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos this morning since I was busy encouraging her, dancing with her and then feeding Jonah. Here’s hoping next week will be a bit smoother and I’ll have some photos to post!