This will be the first of hopefully many installments of “According to Anna.” In an effort to post more regularly on this all too neglected blog of mine and to remember the funny, sweet and silly things Anna says as she explores her new world of language, I plan to collect the memorable things she says over the course of a given day(s) and write them down here. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Here are a few to get us started:

This evening while brushing her teeth:
“Ohhhh, I foogot my bisset.” (Translation: I forgot my bracelet) Steve and I were pretty impressed with her use of I and my in the same sentence.

The other day in the car:
“Peetend E-E carseat.” (Pretend Ethan (our neighbor) is in the other carseat, since he often rides with us to playdates, etc.)

“I heaw Dada cough-ing.” (Heaw = hear)

“I yike it – Dada song!” (yike = like)

“Layu much, Mama.” (Layu = Love you) Yes, that one is my favorite :)

“No doggie eat my sack!” (sack = snack) Speaking of snacks, man is she crazy for snacks! For the past week or so the first thing she says when she wakes up in the morning is “snack!”

“Eat oatmit cook tummy hoort.” (She has a habit of snacking on her oatmeal flakes while the water boils… so I told her she’d get a tummy-ache if she ate the oatmeal before it is cooked. So now she says that while she sneaks little bits.)

“Walk doggie forst, den E-E howse.” (She is very into talking about the order of our activities for the day. Usually it involves walking Guinness first and then doing something with Ethan, so she says this version a lot.)

The other night while telling Steve about her day:
“Opeh-shut, paygound, gocies, car-cart, drive, E-E.” (That’s: Open-shut (that’s what she calls story time at the library because of a certain song the librarian always sings), playground, groceries, you can probably figure out the rest… they had a great time driving that car-cart!)

That’s about all my Mommy-brain can come up with for now. Stay tuned for more!