Anna’s 15 month check up was today.

Height: 30″ (35%)
Weight: 18 lbs. 8.5 oz (um, <3%) Head Circumference: 17.25" (5%) So she apparently had a growth spurt! I don't think she's ever been as high as 35% for anything. And she has now fallen off the chart for weight. No one here is concerned, so you shouldn't be either. The doc said if it's fallen more by 18 months, we can start supplementing her diet. The good news is that her iron is still in the normal range. (I think I forgot to blog about that, but she had some low iron issues for a while, but we have successfully solved that problem. Yay!) We officially need a big-girl car seat now. She is still well below the weight limit but has reached the max height, so it's time. In my last post, I mentioned that Anna got two teeth at once. I was wrong. She got three teeth at once! Poor girl... no wonder she ate nothing for a week and the little that she did came right back out in a very strange form. She's halfway there though - 10 outta 20.