Anna’s 9 month check-up was yesterday… it’s hard to believe she will be 12 months old the next time we go back!

So I was right in thinking she’d measure a bit smaller this time (except her height – that went up), but apparently that’s extremely normal. After 6 months, it’s common for their percentile to go down. The doctor said when he first started his practice, he would freak out and test all the babies for “failure-to-thrive” and the results always came back negative. Either way, he thinks Anna is pretty wonderful and that she’s thriving beautifully. And I don’t think I could possibly jam any more milk or food into her than I already am.

Her official stats are:
16 pounds, 4.5 ounces (12th percentile)
27″ long (30th percentile)
16.5″ head circumference (5th percentile)

She’s a wee little ladybug, but she’s got a huge personality to compensate.